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Transform Your Garden with SOS Liquid Biochar™: The Ultimate Plant Superfood

Unlock the secret to a thriving garden with SOS Liquid Biochar™, a groundbreaking plant nourishment derived from decades of research and innovative technologies. This isn't just another plant food; it's a game-changer for your garden, offering a rich blend of nutrients, enzymes, and minerals extracted from coffee grounds, all verified by our leading experts.

SOS Liquid Biochar™ acts as a root zone 'battery', optimising nutrient and water retention directly where your plants need it most. This means healthier plants, less watering, and reduced fertiliser use, saving you time and resources while boosting your garden's productivity.

Why SOS Liquid Biochar?

  • Saves Water: Enhances soil's moisture retention, reducing the need for frequent watering.
  • Cuts Fertiliser Use: Proven to reduce fertiliser needs by up to 50%, for a greener, more cost-effective garden.
  • Boosts Yields: Increases plant growth and yields by up to 20%, backed by scientific studies.

Eco-friendly and easy to use, SOS Liquid Biochar is the sustainable choice for any gardener looking to improve their soil health and plant growth without harmful chemicals. Just mix with water, apply, and watch your garden transform.

Elevate your gardening with SOS Liquid Biochar™—the smart, sustainable way to nurture your garden and the planet. Join the revolution of gardeners experiencing the remarkable benefits of this plant super food. Try it now and see your garden flourish!

Application Notes

There are so many varied possible uses for Pure Biosmoke, so when deciding on your trial parameters,
we recommend considering the following points :

• Pure Biosmoke has been using for a penetrant and improved plant uptake by reducing the volume of the existing (more expensive) chemical and replacing directly with Pure Biosmoke it can possibly improve the uptake and have better results than the existing chemical alone with the same or lower input cost

• Pure Biosmoke has been used successfully at more regular lower rates when used just as penetrant to help plant uptake when mixed with the dilution water of other chemicals for a minimal outlay.

• Pure Biosmoke used alone as a stimulant for seed germination has shown improved strike rate and time for varied species.

• Pure Biosmokeshows beneficial plant health at lower rates but at increased concentration can also show detrimental effects to the plant health.

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