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Activated Biosmoke™ Foliar Spray

Activated Biosmoke™ Foliar Spray

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Activated Biosmoke™ foliar spray with added kelp is a natural & non-toxic biostimulant that has been shown to increase plant growth speed and health. Applied to leaves and branches, it also stimulates the flowering and fruiting of crops by increasing the number and size of flower buds and accelerating the growth cycle.

Biosmoke™ can help growers achieve higher and faster returns on their crops.

Biosmoke™ Liquid is a potent multi-purpose product and replacement of synthetic materials but horticulture is the main commercial application, here are just some of its benefits:

  • 100% organic fertiliser 
  • Growth enhancement
  • Insect repellent
  • Fungicidal properties
  • Disease resistance
  • Accelerates seed germination – improves seed germination rate.
  •  Improve absorption through the roots
  • Stimulates plants and vegetable growth
  • Strengthens roots and leaves
  • Improved tree health, darker green leaves for better photosynthesis, thicker and stronger stems, higher growth rates, naturally more resistant to disease.
  • Improves fruit quality and increases sugar content in fruit, and stimulate development of crops
  • Improve flavour, colour, firmness and preservation of fruit
  • Wood vinegar prevents excessive nitrogen levels, improves plant metabolism and contributes to higher fruit sugar levels.
  • Strengthen the photosynthesis by Increase the content of chlorophyll of the plants

How It’s Made

Biosmoke™ is the smoke by-product of the burning of biomass in the biochar production process, this fires produce vapour which is cooled as it leaves the kiln, these vapours cool and condense to form a liquid known as wood vinegar / pyroligneous acid which can be extracted and mixed for horticultural use.

When settled for three months the liquid splits into fractions – a layer of plant based oils and a water-containing layer which is known as “Smoke Liquid”. These liquids have been used for many years as sources of many chemicals such as methanol, acetic acid and tar – but the petroleum industry almost completely replaced this market. Now however there is a push towards sustainability and plant-based products are rising in importance.

Karrikin Compounds

Though Smoke Liquid contains over 200 compounds, one of the most valuable is karrikinolide, a natural plant hormone that has many benefits for plants and humans. 

Karrikinolide can:

  • Stimulate plant growth and development by enhancing cell division, elongation and differentiation
  • Increase plant resistance to stress, drought, salinity, pests and diseases by modulating plant hormones and antioxidants
  • Improve plant quality and yield by increasing photosynthesis, nutrient uptake and biomass production

Pest Deterrent

When used at higher concentrations Smoke Liquid may even be able to be used as a plant-derived pesticide, helping protect crops against insect pests. For example Smoke Liquid has been shown to have some detrimental effects on aphids and termites in agricultural systems (see Tiilikkala et al, 2010). The researchers in one study treated Rubber wood samples with 100%, 50% and 25% Eucalyptus Smoke Liquid. When the termites were given a choice between treated and untreated rubber wood they would avoid samples treated with even 25% Smoke Liquid (Tarasin, 2012)

Application Rates

Smoke liquid is a versatile and natural product that can be used for various purposes in agriculture and gardening. Depending on the desired effect and the type of crop, smoke liquid can be diluted with water at different rates and applied in different ways. 

Some general guidelines for using smoke liquid:

  • For seed germination and seedling growth, dilute spray in water 1:1 & soak the seeds for 24 hours before sowing or spray the seedlings once a week.
  • For soil improvement and microbial stimulation, apply to the soil before planting or during the growing season.
  • For pest and disease control, spray the plants once every two weeks or as needed.
  • For flowering and fruiting enhancement, spray the plants during the budding and fruiting stages.

Wood vinegars can be mixed with other organic fertilisers or biochar to increase their effectiveness. However, it is not recommended to mix smoke liquid with synthetic chemicals or alkaline substances as they may reduce its benefits or cause adverse reactions. Always test a small area before applying smoke liquid to a large scale and follow the instructions on the label. Smoke liquid is a safe and eco-friendly product that can help you grow healthier and more productive crops.

BiOSMOKE™ foliar spray contains wood vinegar & kelp as well as added minerals, a natural biostimulant that has been shown to increase plant growth and health. Applied to leaves, it helps to reduce stress levels and guard against disease, while boosting crop yields by up to 20%. Improve your plants’ health with the power of wood vinegar.

Application Notes

There are so many varied possible uses for Pure Biosmoke, so when deciding on your trial parameters,
we recommend considering the following points :

• Pure Biosmoke has been using for a penetrant and improved plant uptake by reducing the volume of the existing (more expensive) chemical and replacing directly with Pure Biosmoke it can possibly improve the uptake and have better results than the existing chemical alone with the same or lower input cost

• Pure Biosmoke has been used successfully at more regular lower rates when used just as penetrant to help plant uptake when mixed with the dilution water of other chemicals for a minimal outlay.

• Pure Biosmoke used alone as a stimulant for seed germination has shown improved strike rate and time for varied species.

• Pure Biosmokeshows beneficial plant health at lower rates but at increased concentration can also show detrimental effects to the plant health.

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